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Success! KC has found the site and passed the KC quiz!

The Short Story

KC, my fiancée received an email at work on Wednesday, June 17, 2009 at 11:03 AM. The message was from an unknown person ( and had as the subject and body of the message.

KC, after deciding that her curiosity was greater than her dislike for spam, opened the email and visited the site contained therein. Thankfully she answered "yes" to the proposal and passed the identity-verifying quiz.

At 1:41 PM that very same day I received a message at work:

Name: K****** C******* ********* ****
Score: 11
Confirm: I accept your offer of marriage.
Message: You are such a little freak. I can't believe you but I LOVE YOU sooooo much and I absolutely love the site. I cannot imagine how long it took you to make this. Good thing I opened the email from that weird email address and totally forgot about work. I'm not sure if I'm supposed to tell you I found it or wait until you get the email. I guess I'll try and wait but you know I cannot keep secrets from you. Do you think this was the site that girl on facebook was asking about? LOVE YOU! Smooch :)

It caught me completely by surprise. It was just after lunch on a Wednesday and just like that I was engaged to my beautiful and loving girlfriend.

The Long Story

Coming soon...

My Online Proposal Mentioned on
It seems the generous people over at the OneWed blog Savvy Scoop saw fit to help me out with an informative plea to romantics around the world. I'm honoured to kick off their "Geek Week" chock-full of great, but geeky proposals!
A Clarification of My Plan

I thought I would quickly clarify my thoughts behind this proposal:

  1. I really want to marry this girl whom I love and we have been dating for some time! (duh!)
  2. She has no idea about the site or my intentions! Heck, it's been so long she thinks I'll never ask.
  3. Anyone can answer my proposal... Go ahead and try it if you haven't already!
  4. If you really want to marry me you must answer an identity verifying quiz to prove you are my girlfriend.
  5. If you score high enough on the quiz you are taken to a page where you can officially accept my marriage proposal (only KC will be able to make it this far, I'm sure of it). It then sends a message to me via every email address I have.
  6. In this way it is a double surprise. She will be surprised to find the site and I will be surprised when I receive her acceptance! When I'm at work I stare apprehensively at my inbox!

Of course, I have a backup plan. I have a romantic weekend booked a few months from now at which time I will propose the non-internets way on one knee whether she has seen the site or not.

I'm pretty confident she'll like the online proposal because I put in a lot of effort to show just how much I love her and she will still get the traditional (and equally well-planned) in-person/IRL proposal.

Patience is a Virtue Best Served Cold
I guess I'd better update this, but things have been kind of plodding along... Until today. I didn't get a chance to check the site for 48 hours (a record for me) and usually I see one or two new proposal answers a day. It's Sunday now and I noticed that around 300 people answered the proposal during the two days I was resting on my laurels.

Wow! I was pretty excited, but the highest score was still only 33% so I knew KC hadn't been one of those great people who took the time to visit the site. I take this as a good, no, great sign, and if this can just increase exponentially from here then I should be through the whole planet in no time (and thus will have reached KC!!).
Still Need Your Help Spreading the Word
Just to reassure any viewers of this site that I am still waiting for KC's answer. She is definitely out there and waiting also!
Online Message in a Bottle Works
Someone else had the same idea as me. A gentleman saw a girl on the New York subway, but did not get a chance to talk to her. So he put up a website to try and find her. Apparentely it didn't take that long. So where are you KC?
The Waiting Game Surpasses One Year!
The site has shot past the one-year mark for being online! Someone had answered the proposal question a while back and said "yes", but they did not take the quiz to prove they were the real KC. The waiting game continues...